I guess i can count this a my ninth Brooklyn rooftop party this Summer?
Somewhat less raucous than the others. (at Brooklyn Public Library)
07.24.14 /19:28
Holy crap.
#writer #Selfie
07.23.14 /18:44/ 2
Open theater performancd going down at 1067 Pacific, on the block full of auto shops.
06.07.14 /12:19
The team @Technical_ly #podcast rides once more. This time, talking The Northeast Corridor and saying goodbye to @ajzaleski. With @j_f_reyes & @christopherwink
05.30.14 /17:49
This is why they call me The Bad Boy Of Twitter.
05.07.14 /12:03/ 2
More @technical_ly #podcast taping went down today, with @j_f_reyes and @ajzaleski and @christopherwink.
04.29.14 /18:57
"Action Zone" is my new favorite comic. (at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering)
04.24.14 /12:23/ 1
When my friend Kristen and me first met, we would get together and #draw each other. Here is a #drawing that I made of her drawing me, 12 years ago.
Yesterday was her birthday.
04.07.14 /15:08/ 1
Canvas  by  andbamnan