A very, very, very early Brady Dale original #drawing, of my grandfather fishing. Hanging in what’s now my uncle’s office on 4th Street in Pittsburg. (at Conner Realty)
09.08.14 /11:50
Pretentiously symbolic self-portrait.
09.07.14 /14:31/ 1
My home in #Kansas has all this crazy detailed old #brass in it. Previous owners either removed it or painted over it, which is insane, but my stepfather cleaned a lot of the pieces off. This stuff is all over in here.
09.04.14 /13:28/ 2
I guess this is weird to say, but I totes own this house. I am pretty sure it’s this one, anyway. 
I have never been inside nor have I met the dudes who live there.
Capitalism is effing weird you guys.
09.03.14 /19:15
I guess i can count this a my ninth Brooklyn rooftop party this Summer?
Somewhat less raucous than the others. (at Brooklyn Public Library)
07.24.14 /19:28
Holy crap.
#writer #Selfie
07.23.14 /18:44/ 2
Canvas  by  andbamnan