Drawing of a hand with a bottle of liquor

The Bullfrog Man

I wrote this song a long time ago, like around 2010. It came to me in a dream.

How do you know it's the Bullfrog Man?
He walks with a limp from the rum in his hand
What is the Bullfrog happy to see?
Well I know it's not you and I know it's not me.

What if the Bullfrog's coming for you?
Don't ask me, there's nothing to do.
What does the Bullfrog got to say?
He don't wanna talk so get outta his way.

What does it means when the teapots hiss?
The teapots don't want that Bullfrog pissed.
What does it mean when the teapots blow?
It's saying, "Hey Bullfrog, don't hit me."

What would you do to make the Bullfrog smile?
The Bullfrog Man ain't smiled for a while
How could you make him? What would you do?
If he's smashing up teapots, one might come thru.

What if I step on the Bullfrog's shoes?
What do your bones mean to you?
What if I muss up the Bullfrog's coat?
He might could shove it right down your throat.

Why does the Bullfrog Man drink that rum?
Cause he can't stand the thought of anyone
Does the Bullfrog Man have any friends?
The Bullfrog's friends ain't seen again.

When Bullfrog Man sleeps, what does he dream?
Of teapots, rum and World War Three
If you got to wake the Bullfrog Man, what should you do?
Don't try it son, you'll be black and blue.

Has the Bullfrog Man ever got a thing wrong?
He can't get the lyrics when he sings this song
If I get the Bullfrog Man, what would I win?
I can't hear you boy — talkin' crazy again.

—Brady Dale
(Copyright 2010; all rights reserved)

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