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Big money, murky governance: kicking the tires of Telegram’s token sale, CoinDesk
Why crypto needs to start taking SpankChain seriously, CoinDesk
Neo's failed bid to buy Tron revealed, CoinDesk
ConsenSys town hall shows shaken staff at ethereum's largest startup, CoinDesk


Online dating pioneers bet people will fall in love with encryption, Observer
With the Useless Ethereum Token, crypto has its potato salad moment, Observer
Juno drivers 'Gett' only pennies after $200M acquisition, Observer
What's Netflix's next move?, Observer


Too big to fail software needs hacker help, The Observer
How did the Netflix 'reality check' gather its data, The Observer
A second internet is coming soon, thanks to the blockchain, The Observer
The fake dicks are coming at UT-Austin, The Observer
Take all your photos off the internet, The Observer


What your phone knows but isn't telling you, Motherboard
News Corp's Amplify Education laid off roughly 500 staff yesterday, The Observer
With 'Ruins,' Peter Kuper floats like a butterfly, The Observer
How Wikipedia upped its page load speed 40 percent, and why it matters, The Observer
Etsy's B-Corp Status as it undertakes an IPO, Technical.ly Brooklyn


What's the future of luxury? Fortune
This wearable reads your brain waves, Fortune
Brooklyn’s 10 Biggest Tech Firms, Technical.ly Brooklyn
How Brooklyn tech firms are hiring talent in a competitive market, Technical.ly Brooklyn
Brooklyn real estate is out of step with tech needs, Technical.ly Brooklyn
How cities build vibrant tech scenes, Next City


The various sticks and carrots for unused land, Next City
Chicago's land bank will use big data, Next City
Don't worry about Meredith Whitney, Next City
A giveaway to D.C. United won't help the District, Next City
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